Your Health is Our Mission

With over 17 years of experience as a chiropractor, Dr. DelPlato is dedicated to helping you achieve your health goals with skill, expertise, and compassion. She takes the time necessary to listen and work with you to formulate a plan designed for your specific problem.  Patients’ age at our clinic range from 1 to 97.

Convenient Location

We are conveniently located in the East Gresham – Troutdale area with plenty of parking. Dr. DelPlato is a network chiropractic provider for nearly all health plans.  Work related injuries and most car accidents are covered by insurance at 100% for treatment. Same day appointments are available.

Symptoms We Treat

Common symptoms treated at our Gresham office include: sudden or chronic back or neck pain, shoulder pain, tension headaches, pain or numbness and tingling in an arm or leg, a “pinched “ nerve sensation, hip pain, increasing stiffness, and various forms of arthritis.

Start Feeling Better Today

For many musculoskeletal conditions, care by a skilled chiropractor could be the best choice for treatment. Feel better today by having your aches and pains treated by Dr. DelPlato. Same day appointments are available.

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“I have seen Dr. DelPlato the past few years mainly for neck issues.  I have appreciated her care, concern, and treatment.  She is professional, yet personal in her approach.  She works hard to accommodate my schedule and leaves my treatment schedule up to me.  There is no pressure to schedule unnecessary appointments.  I have recommended her to my family and friends because Dr. DelPlato is an excellent chiropractor.”

Teresa R.

“As a longstanding gardener and horseback rider, I find myself in need of consistent chiropractic care during the spring, summer and winter months.  Dr. DelPlato is able to keep me healthy, adjusted and ready to pursue the activities I so enjoy.  She is proactive, readily available and her expert services prevent limiting injuries.  Thanks to Dr. DelPlato for enabling me to live the good life!”

Carolyn K.

“I’ve abused my back for many years working construction and lifting heavy materials.  Dr. DelPlato always puts me back together when I come crawling in with pain-all 260 lbs of me!  My back isn’t easy to adjust, but she gets the job done.”

Steve J.

“Dr. DelPlato has been a major key in my recovery from a terrible car accident.  The constant neck pain and headaches are gone, thankfully.  She’s easy to talk to and I never feel rushed or hurried.”

Karen S.

“My doctor said I have arthritis and have to live with constant pain in my lower back.  I had never been to a chiropractor, but my wife goes to Dr. DelPlato and talked me into that first appointment.  It’s been such a relief!  If only she can fix my golf game too!”

Ken H.